Saturday, May 14, 2011

And The Mystery Deepens

     As a Beatles fan, I decided to check out the documentary, Paul McCartney Really Is Dead The Last Testament of George Harrison. For lack of better words, my mind was blown. Based around one of musics biggest legends, and the rumor that surrounded them.

     The story goes as listed on official website for the movie found here.
dotIn the summer of 2005, a package arrived at the Hollywood offices of Highway 61 
Entertainment from London with no return address.

dotInside were two mini-cassette audio tapes dated December 30, 1999 and labeled

 The Last Testament of George Harrison.
dotA voice eerily similar to Harrison's tells a shocking story: Paul McCartney was killed
 in a car crash in November of 1966 and replaced with a double!

eBritish intelligence, MI5, had forced the Beatles to cover up McCartney's death to
prevent mass suicides of Beatle fans. However, the remaining Beatles tried to signal fans 
with clues on album covers and in songs.

     The movie is completely narrated from the tapes, and it brings an almost eerie feeling, 
and has the ability to really make question what you think you may know about what 
may be the biggest band in history. 

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