Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mindless Entertainment

     Every once in a while, a guy sits down, takes a drink of his beer, and decides to watch a movie with little more than guns, cussing, one liners and not much else.  I think I may have found the epitome of such films.

      When a man we eventually come to know only as Mr.Smith (Clive Owen), delivers a mysterious strangers baby in the middle of an epic gun battle, and finds himself caught protecting the newborn form a non stop onslaught of gun toting assassins.

     A full on blast of anything action, Shoot 'Em Up is a full blown, over the top assault on everything an action movie is and could be. From the first scene on, we are given, and I mean given, a non stop barrage of bullets, fighting and one liners that would make the manliest of men squeal in laughter.
one of the movies slower scenes
     We also have Paul Giamatti playing a role I swear he was born to play, as the near telepathically brilliant Hertz, who has been dispatched to find and kill the baby, Mr. Smith is protecting.
     Later we are introduced to the gorgeous Donna Quintanno (Monica Bellucci) who is a lactating prostitute, that Mr. Smith tries to hire to feed the baby, only to find that there is more beneath the surface to her, than her unique physical attributes.

     Worth a watch, and highly entertaining, if for no reason other than the fact that literally every aspect of this movie has bullets flying (including the love scene).


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