Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Holy Mision

    Today's offering is an action packed film, full of guns, comedy, and an unique mission taken on by two brothers.

     Taking place in a very Irish Boston neighborhood, the McManus brothers are two of a kind. Gruff, rough, don't take sh*t of of anyone, find themselves as saviors. When the mob comes to town and tries to take over. the brothers take it upon themselves to do whatever it takes to rid the world of them. Armed with faith that what they are doing is right, amazing luck, and a crap ton of bullets. 
     After taking down two Russian mob members, the brothers are tailed by the very talented, and openly gay FBI agent Paul Smecker. Smecker is part of the organized crime dept of the fbi, and has the ability to solve crimes simply by looking at subtle evidence at a crime scene. If the brother want to stay free this is not the guy they want on their tail.

     Interestingly enough though, Smecker seems to have interesting motives in figuring out who the vigilantes cleaning up the streets are.
     There are several well known cameos in this film, and its almost worth it for the "hey I know that guy" feeling you get watching the film. Good action. Great story. Worth watching more than once. And a prayer that is almost as addictive as the movie itself. (also Willem Defoe in drag is the funniest thing ever).


  1. Never saw the movie, but I like the trailer, love those action movies:)!

  2. this was one of the greatest movies every, number one on my list haha.