Monday, September 5, 2011

The Biggest Grouping of Action Heros Ever

     Today's review is going to be short and sweet, not because I am being lazy, but because there is not much that I need to say about this movie.

     Not that this is a bad thing. The above picture says more about this movie than I ever could. Literally a multimedia orgasm of action, there are few moments that are not completely filled with bullets, knives, or fists flying. 
     Truth is that there was a little bit of depth missing in the story line, but I didn't watch this movie, expecting a cinematic novella.
I mean look at this lineup. They aren't here to do Shakespeare. 

     I will say there is one very short section of the movie, a cameo by a very well known actor (that I refuse to name due to the fact that it would seriously ruin the surprise) that is every guy that loves action movies wet dream.
     One area for improvement i think, would have been to develop the character relationship between Statham and Rourke a little more. they had a chemistry that was ignored for the most part.

     Watch it for the action. Watch it over and over again. Buy it its worth it.


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