Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Personal Surprise To Me

     I am a tough critic on some movies. Some I put off for large amounts of time due to the press regarding them, the "over hyping" of certain people, and when the media is just going nuts over how much movies cost. The reason I do this is because more than once, as a matter of fact more often than not, I have been let down by them. Today I review one of two movies that really impressed me, beyond all the hype.
     I was put off from seeing this movie due to all the buzz about Heath Ledgers death. Too often I heard "Heath deserves the Oscar!!!" and I credited this buzz solely to the fact of his tragic death prior to the movie's release.  Once I sat down to finally watch it, I was blown away by his acting.  I had enjoyed his prior movies,  but nothing prepared me for how well he played his role in this movie.
     The second installment of the new Batman franchise, Bruce Wayne (portrayed by Christian Bale), finds himself defending the city from the twisted mind of the Joker (played amazingly well by the afore mentioned Heath Ledger), and his plots to throw Gotham into total chaos. This movie also introduces us to Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart) Gotham City's new star district attorney, who is also dedicated to cleaning up the city. I implore you if you have not taken the time to see this movie, please do so, if only to see an actor so immersed in a role that you could actually believe that it is who they could possibly be in real life.
Directed by: Christopher Nolan Written by: Christopher Nolan, Johnathan Nolan, and Davis S. Goyer

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