Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Time A Television Show

     With Netflix in hand, it can be a little difficult to catch up on most television series, simply because you have so much to choose from, but I decided to take a few days to watch a show I had heard about.
     Dexter is the story of a 30something man by the name of Dexter Morgan (Emmy- and Golden Globe- nominated actor Michael C. Hall from "Six Feet Under,) a Miami PD forensics specialist in blood spatter analysis, who happens to be a man on a mission.

From an early age, Dexter knew he was different than other people, the thing normal people do were of no interest to him. His ability to form bonds with others, seemed non existent. He had an urge that he tried to keep hidden, he had the desire to kill. Orphaned at the age of 4 after his family was brutally murdered, his adoptive father Harry Morgan (played by James Remar, SAG award nominee) and trains Dexter, to channel  his desires and possibly do something good with them. In this light, Dexter has become a serial killer, who preys on those who would in truth need to be killed, a dark Robinhood of sorts.
     One problem though. Dexter has to do this while appearing normal to the outside world, including in his relationship. How does he do this? Well........I am not going to tell you, I am going to leave it up to you to find out.  Series is on Showtime, DVD, and Netflix. Definitely a must see. 


  1. dexter is legit one of my favourite shows. I literally can't wait for the new season.